The profile

The profile of the average university part-time teacher as revealed in the survey
This is the average data for part-time teachers who work mainly in universities as part-timers. Please see the main text for other facts and comments which you will not find in the data below.

The profile
How we conducted the survey
1 Makeup of the Respondents
1.1 Categorization and Definitions of University Teaching Staff
1.2 Sex
1.3 Nationality
1.4 Mother Tongue
1.5 Age
1.6 Region
1.7 Households
2 Income and Expenditure
2.1 Annual Income
2.2 Expenses related to lessons and research
3 Work style
3.1 Field of specialization and subjects
3.2 Length of service, Number of schools
3.3 Number of classes, Working hours
3.4 Preparation, Grading time
4 Social Insurance (Health and Pension Insurance)
5 General
5.1 Contract Non-renewal
5.2 Desire for regularization
5.3 Knowledge of Rights
5.4 Areas of Dissatisfaction
6 Free Comments
Insecure Employment
Discrimination and Inequality
Working Conditions
Social Insurance and Pension
Paid Holiday
Research Allowances
Curriculum and Scheduling
University Education
This Questionnaire
I don't have any problems
Other Topics
7 Appendix
The questionnaire
Our adresses

Profile & Index How 1 Makeup 2 Income & Expenditure 3 Work style 4 Social Insurance 5 General 6 Free Comments Appendix