How we conducted the survey

How we conducted the survey
The first survey on the Conditions of Part-Time University Lecturers was conducted in the Kansai Area in the 1999 academic year by the Part-time University Teachers Union in the Kyoto-Shiga Area, published in 2001 as 'Part-time University Teachers 2001, The Voices and the Realities'. The second survey was conducted throughout Japan in the 2002 academic year by Part-time University Teachers Unions in the Kyoto-Shiga area, the Hanshin area and the Tokyo area, and was published in 2003 as 'Part-time University Teachers 2003, The Voices and the Realities'.

This third survey was conducted in the 2005 academic year. In addition to two Part-time University Teachers Unions (Kansai and Tokyo: Kyoto-Shiga Area Union and Hanshin Union have been merged into Kansai Area Union), the University Teachers Union, NUGW Tokyo-Nambu, General Union and Fukuoka General Union also joined this campaign.

There are two big changes from the previous surveys: we collected the questionnaires not only by post but also through the Internet, and we made an English version. As a result we managed to collect more than double the number of questionnaires: 630 through the Internet and 381 by post or hand, making a total of 1011.

We made the report in two languages: Japanese and English. The free comments have been included in the report unedited except for confidential comments, but all names of universities and individuals have been omitted. In the appendix we have included some statistical data related to Part-Time Teachers.

We would to take this occasion to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped us to carry out the survey and to produce the report, and we are deeply grateful to all Part-Time Teachers who filled out the questionnaire.

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